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There are certain things most women who are fortunate enough to reach the age of 40 have in their possession – quality skin care products, at least one really good pair of shoes and a jewelry box full of memories.
When I last took inventory of my jewelry, I realized that even though each piece had its own story or triggered a memory of a person, place or time in my life, there were few I would consider wearing. As far as accessories go, I am a creature of habit – wearing diamond stud earrings every day, a diamond and gold pendant necklace, and my grandmother's wedding band on my left thumb.
Although valuable and valued, the rest of my jewelry lies hidden. And I also know, as the mother of a son, passing my treasures on to the next generation is not a reality. That is how I came to the realization that I wanted to create something new out of something old so I decided to speak to a jeweller about my options. What could we create?
My hope was I would be able to take the best of these pieces and create one I would actually want to have on every day, while honouring the memory of the original jewelry.
Melissa at Bill LeBoeuf Jewellers knew
exactly what to do.
For our first meeting, I gathered the pieces I wanted to include in my creation, along with some images I found on Pinterest of rings that appealed to me. She weighed the gold and gave me a ticket with the promise to have some sketches to me within the next few days.
I was impressed by the first CAD images I saw and was thrilled to see this idea becoming a real ring. Through our conversations and the examples I had gathered to explain my concept to Melissa, we landed on a beautiful concept that pays tribute to the four decades of living I had done before embarking on this project. Instead of having a box filled with memories, I have a functional piece of jewelry I wear every day that pays tribute to those I have treasured.


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