Women inTuition
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On November 5th, 123 donors, and guests gathered for the inaugural event Women's InTuition, raising $373,050 for scholarships supporting female students at Georgian College. This private event included booths showcasing the courses available, a cocktail reception along with a special performance by Canadian Juno award winning artist Chantal Kreviazuk. 

1 . Deb Gariepy, Giselle Bodkin (chair of  WOMEN'S inTuition), Stefani Choy, MaryLynn West-Moynes (president and CEO of Georgian College), Stella Gan, Barb Robillard
2.  Brenda Stanley, Lawrene Larche, Joan Kelso
3. Fay Lim-Lambie, Catherine Drea, Shelley Marchant
4. Edwina Douglas, Lisa Timms
5. Bailee Sheard, Samantha Beauchamp - BSCN Program
6. Joanne McPhail, Jason Teal, Jennifer Craddock,
    Shaun Sauve
7. Laurie Crosson with Katy Lyte (Katy is an Electrical Engineering Technology Student)
8. Carolyn Weleff, Sara Qureshi, Chelsea Remington, Katherine Fray
9.  Nicole Woods, Margaret Krzyzelewski, Lise Mollon - Marine Technology
10. Emily Harris and her mom Mary Harris
11. Nicole Barbato, Mary Spencer (both Engineering Technology Professors); Victoria Kovatchev (Civil Engineering  
      Student); Julie Waddell, Jessica Figueiredo, Emma Thomson (all Environmental Technology Students)
12. Crystal Barnard, Sophia Marcos
13. Melissa Quinlan, Katie Fraser, Jessica Verkruisen (Georgian College Students)
14. Kimberley Greenwood (Barrie's Chief of Police), Kris Menzies
15. Crystal Barnard, Sophia Marcos
16. Kimberly Rowntree, Sharon Doran - President and 1st VP, Business and Professional Women's Club of Barrie
17. Janice Eales, Barb Watts, Barb Shopland, Lisa Banks (all with Georgian College)
18. Diane DeCunha (Academic Assistant), Christine Pryce (Liberal Arts Faculty), Bryanny Bailey (Marketing and 
      Advertising Communications)
19. Suzanne Addison-Toor, Dale Biddell
20. Fraser King and Liz Jarnicki (Students of Cabinetmaking Techniques)
21. Kris Menzies, Angela Baldwin, Lesley Stollery
22. Lucca with his mom Chantal Kreviazuk
     (headline entertainer)


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