Celebrating the Change of Seasons
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The cottage feels strangely quiet without the rush of weekend warriors in dripping swimming suits and the roar of the outboard motors.  It's that time when the dock is out of the water, along with the boat and the kids are back to school.  
Each year, as summer ends and autumn arrives, it feels like the world is starting to fade, but as you look out the window, the majestic colours of fall remind you that the change of seasons is not only inevitable, but beautiful.  
As autumn takes hold, temperatures drop and we get ready to gas up the snowmobiles, sharpen our skates, and lace up our snowshoes to embrace a Muskoka winter, we can also take a moment to explore some of the great seasonal beverages produced by our Ontario Craft Brewers.   
Most craft brewers have core brands of beer that they produce year-round, but many of them also have seasonal beer that they produce for special occasions. As a self professed “BeerSnob,” I'll have to admit that the seasonal offerings are far more exciting to me than the core brands.   
With a core brand beer, typically brewers will work tirelessly to perfect a recipe, and produce the exact same consistent beer from that point on. With seasonal beer, they have license to get a little more creative, and change the taste slightly from year to year.  To me this is the heart of craft brewing. That slight variation from batch to batch, always in pursuit of one-upping last year's brew, is what transforms the words ‘craft brewing' from a marketing term to a true art form.  
Native son of Muskoka, Sam Corbeil, the co-founder and brewmaster for Gravenhurst's Sawdust City Brewing Co., takes his specialty brews as seriously as he does his legendary moustache.  
Turning on to Muskoka Beach Road you will see a sign that says “Winding road for 7km.” This is the inspiration behind and name for the awesome Rye Saison Seasonal from Sawdust.   Unlike many other fall seasonal selections, Winding Road has no hint of pumpkin or spice; nor is it a dark porter to be sipped while hunkered down by the fire. This is a bold Saison. Designed to take you down a winding road of flavours starting with subtle hops with just enough bitterness, middling with rich malt, before leading to a finish that is an awesome mix of the two flavours.  


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