A Dramatic New Look
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When your daily routine becomes just that, maybe it's time for a change. For Lynn Kalinich, that change came in the form of a rather dramatic makeover. Winner of the Good Life Makeover Madness contest, Kalinich was brave enough to go with a whole new look for her hair and make-up.
“I have never been afraid to try a different hair color or of cutting my hair too short,” she says. “Patrick at the salon was extremely helpful. I explained I wanted a style that was simple to maintain and I was open to colour.”
Patrick Hupe, co-owner of Markham's Great Lengths Hair Gallery, took Kalinich at her word, going for a daring hair colour in shades of red.
“Lynn was extremely nice and very open-minded for a new look,” Hupe says. “I took her light brown hair and transformed it to a red mahogany overall colour with red and tangerine highlights to complement her skin tone and eye colour. For her haircut, I modernized her look. I took her layered bob and added an undercut and lots of texture to complement her facial features.”
The overall effect is a youthful look that Hupe believes will be easy for Kalinich to style at home. “Patrick was very, very helpful with tips on keeping the colour longer, drying and styling,” Kalinich says.
As an assistant manager for a retail store, Kalinich works a variety of shifts and says she is sometimes “lazy” when it comes to putting on make-up. Make-up artist Sandy Giutsos took her client's busy lifestyle into consideration, coming up with a look she can duplicate on her own.
“She wasn't used to a whole lot of make-up, so I tried to keep it a little bit simple,” Giutsos notes. “I wanted to bring out the blue in her eyes with a warm plum palette.” Giutsos used a gel liner on top of the eyes for definition, while using eyeshadow only underneath the eyes for an open, smoky look.
She did go in for a bit of drama, using false eyelashes to brighten and open up Kalinich's eyes. For the lips, she chose a bold fuchsia to complement the makeover winner's skin tone and create a bright, fresh look. “She was pretty surprised to see how different she looked,” Giutsos says.
“The simple techniques I was taught from Sandy were very helpful,” Kalinich says. “Just basic tips for an informal and natural look. She showed me what colours would look better on me.”
It's not the first time Kalinich has been in the makeover chair.
“Many many years ago, I won a hair makeover and it was the first time I had ever had someone dye my hair red,” she says. “I thought I couldn't be so lucky and win again.” But win she did and Kalinich was excited to find out that her prize went beyond hair and make-up.
Thrilled with her new colour and style, Kalinich went on to enjoy a pampering one-hour relaxation massage from Discover Day Spa. She followed up her massage the same day with a visit to Markham's Bliss Nail Bar for a spa manicure and pedicure. She says the day was so relaxing she hopes to return to these locations soon.
“It has been a wonderful experience and everyone has been amazing,” Kalinich. says “I have had so many compliments about the colour and the style from the makeover. I received a lot of ‘wows' from customers where I work, co-workers, family and the list goes on.”


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