Sarah Carmosino: Rising Star
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Sarah Carmosino
Sarah Carmosino
Sarah Carmosino is only 17 years old, but, as a singer and actress, she has matured and developed far beyond her age.
Looking back at her journey, the Aurora teen says she found her passions early.
“I was always singing along when Barney was on and singing to all those kids shows; I think I was driving my parents crazy though,” she recalls with a laugh.
Recognizing young Sarah's eagerness to sing, her parents decided to give their youngest of two daughters a chance to showcase her talents in front of family members at their Aurora home.
“I think she was just six at the time and all the aunts and uncles and cousins were there; and she just impressed everyone with her voice,” says her mother, Catherine.
“Afterwards, everyone was telling us to put her in singing lessons so she could her develop her talent and so that's how she got started.”
Not long after that family performance in front of the extended family, Sarah started singing lessons and, soon after, acting lessons.
Her elementary teacher and longtime mentor, Brenda Hillaby, says that instruction paid off tremendously. Having first met Sarah during a school production of Oliver Twist, the Regency Acres Public School teacher speaks fondly about her first impressions.
“From the very beginning, I recognized that this young lady had talent. She had the voice of an angel and was very determined to do well,” Hillaby recalls.
“And what impressed me most was she was always so humble and grounded and she always took time to help others,” adds Hillaby, who also serves as the president of Aurora-based Marquee Theatrical Productions.
Sarah's talents were also noticed by Artist Management Inc., a prestigious talent agency specializing in representing child actors, who signed the fifth grader in 2008.
About a month after signing on with AMI, Sarah landed a role as Brigitta Von Trapp in the Mirvish Production of The Sound of Music at the Princess of Wales Theatre.
“When I found out that I got the role, I couldn't believe it...It was very surreal,” she says. “It was probably one of the best experiences I've ever had.
“Being on that stage the first time in front of 2,000 people was just an amazing feeling.”
However, behind the glamour, there were a lot of sacrifices that had to be made.
“They rehearsed four days a week, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and then she would go to school Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, plus tutoring, so she had no off time to do anything else,” Carmosino says of her daughter's hectic schedule. “However, Sarah never complained; and, in fact, she seemed to thrive on it. That's when we realized that this is truly what she was passionate about and what she wanted to do.”
Another notable highlight for Sarah came in 2010 when she won first place for junior vocals in York Region Media Group's Celebration of the Arts.
Having committed herself fully to honing her talents through local community performances and school shows over the years, her dedication recently landed her a role on a highly anticipated new Family Channel series called Lost & Found Music Studios.
The new series is a spin-off of The Next Step, a highly popular series about a group of young dancers that debuted in 2013 on the Family Channel.
“Lost & Found Music Studios is about an after-school program run by an ex-record producer who now wants to teach a group of young musicians how to make it in the business,” the Alexander Mackenzie High School student explains. “And, of course, drama ensues and there are love triangles and you'll see some special guest artists.”
As part of the lead up to the new series—which is scheduled to premiere in early 2016 on Family Channel in Canada and worldwide through Netflix—Sarah took part in a performance with popular U.K. boy band The Vamps in August to promote the upcoming series.
“The Vamps are such an amazing band and singing with them in front of 16,000 people was just an awesome experience,” says Sarah, who filled in for international chart-topper Demi Lovato for the band's performance at the Molson Canadian Amphitheatre.
As well, Sarah recently learned that she and two of her cast mates from Lost & Found Music Studios will accompany The Next Step dancers and perform live musical numbers on the Canadian leg of their tour in early 2016.
Despite her impressive resume, the rising young star remains humble and grounded and says that regardless of where her journey takes her from this point on, she's just happy to be doing what she's loved since her early childhood.
“For as long as I can remember, I've always loved singing and acting; so to be part of this new show that allows me to do both is just amazing,” she says. “And I can't predict what the future holds, but being able to do something I'm so passionate about is something I'm very excited about and thankful for.”


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