Clean and Classic
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Getting a family of five ready on a daily basis is no small feat. Throw in a really old bathroom with one sink, one mirror and no shower (a trip downstairs is required for a shower) and you can imagine why Mark and Jillian were eager to overhaul their main bathroom as part of the renovation of their historic Aurora home.
But, as owners of a local small business and parents to three young kids, they found a busy schedule put the project on the backburner for a while. The silver lining to the delay was the couple was able to purchase items ahead of time,
taking advantage of flyer promotions, price reductions and going-out-of-business sales.
“Spreading purchases out over a year and paying a reduced price on big-ticket items like the vanity and taps saved us a lot of money and lessened the blow that would have resulted if we had to foot the bill for everything all at once,” Mark says.
Although they knew they wanted to gut the bathroom and reinvent its dated look and feel, finding the exact style and décor posed a bit of a challenge.
 “Our home is a historical home that was built in the 1880s and it has a lot of character that we have tried to honour and replicate throughout the home,” explains Jillian. “Finding a balance between classic and charming and modern and clean was a must. I think we found a happy medium and I am really pleased with the overall look.”  
The harmony was achieved by incorporating elements from both styles: the clawfoot tub, chandelier, plank ceiling and tiling are nods to a more classic, traditional time and the glass shower with rain head, white décor, contemporary vanity and TV offer hints of modern-day living.
“We love this bathroom. It is our favourite transformation in the house so far,” Mark says.  
“We were so happy with the results, we literally didn't let anyone use it for a month because we wanted to keep it perfect,” Jillian adds.
With so many renovations being done to older homes in the area, this contemporary twist on classic charm is sure to inspire and motivate readers (and neighbours) alike!

Style goal
A clean, white, timeless look with historical charm and modern touches.

Why the change?
•    Single sink was impractical for family of five
•    Old peel-and-stick flooring
•    Dated décor, including floral wallpaper
•    No shower, only bathtub

Renovation check list
•    Updated clean classic look
•    Functional, family-friendly space
•    Double vanity
•    Shower and bathtub
•    Storage
•    White, white and more white!

•    Chandelier
•    Rain head for the shower

•    Taps
•    Clawfoot tub
(Both purchased at a local hardware store that was going out of business.)

Favourite features
The television: “The TV is on a tilt so you can see it from everywhere in the bathroom, even while relaxing in the bath,” Mark says.
The rain showerhead: “The kids just sit under the rain and stay there forever. It sort of hypnotizes them,” Jillian says.

Contractor: Steve Hissink, Plane Shavings Ltd.
Chandelier: The Light Spot, Aurora
Clawfoot tub, taps:  Rona
Medicine cabinet: Ikea
Showerhead: North York Heating and Plumbing, Aurora
Shutters: Complete Window Coverings, Newmarket
Tile, mirrors, sconces: Home Depot
Tile supplies, radiant floor heating:  Tilemaster, Aurora
Toilet: Lowes
Vanity, television: Costco
Paint: Benjamin Moore Simply White OC-117


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