Morning glory: Family room gets a redo in this farmhouse chic space
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At night, a deep red family room can be a cosy spot to unwind. But when the space flows from the kitchen, it just doesn't seem like the perfect place to start the day. And while the owners of this Stouffville home liked the room and lived with it for several years after moving in, eventually they decided it was time to create a space more reflective of their needs and tastes.
Like the kitchen, the room is located just off the dining room and the couple wanted a space that could do double duty as both a quiet hangout as well as provide extra seating when they entertain. Niche Decor, a full service design firm based in Aurora, was brought in to help.
The design team, owner and senior designer Jean Bisnaire and junior designer Jordana Eisen, started by replacing the bold red wall colour with a moody off-white shade by Farrow & Ball, which they extended into the kitchen. The built-in cabinets, originally a natural pine, were painted out in the same shade and a subtle wallpaper was applied to their backs for some added depth and a hint of texture.
Working with a cream three-seater sofa and chair that the homeowners had recently purchased, Bisnaire and Eisen added a number of additional pieces, including two leather club chairs, a rustic reclaimed chest and a large leather ottoman.
“The ottoman was custom made by us for that space,” says Shima Yazdan, operations manager of Niche Decor, adding that it features a wood shelf that can be used to house books and tuck away blankets and pillows.
The nearby industrial side table is from the firm's 10,000 square-foot showroom.
“The metal table is actually a functional crank table,” explains Yazdan.  “We brought in a little mix of industrial in there. We thought it would be perfect for the space.” Above the table, a three-piece map of Paris adds visual interest and charm. “The colours and the subtle tone of it just worked really nice with what we were trying to achieve with the overall look,” she says.
Two molecule lamps rest on the nearby console table, creating a seamless blend of industrial and natural. The same holds true for the room's other lamps, which feature metal bases that mimic the natural beauty of trees.
Given the picturesque view that lies just outside the bare windows, it's no surprise that nature was the inspiration behind the room's design. The space features an abundance of natural elements, including the custom-made wool and sisal rug, wood accessories and feather artwork.
To keep the flow and maintain a cohesive look, the design team also very subtly tweaked the adjacent dining room. The introduction of a new chandelier was all it took to update the space. The new lighting beautifully complements the homeowners' existing dining set and creates a focal point in the room. Like the family room and kitchen, the windows of the space have been left bare, says Yazdan. “There's no requirement for privacy, so why put up fabric and cover that stunning view?”
With the project complete, the homeowners now enjoy a space that is cosy and inviting, whatever the time of day. With its timeless look and feel and functional design, the family room provides the perfect spot to savour a morning cup of coffee, enjoy a great book or entertain friends and family.
With the project complete, the homeowners now enjoy a space that has everything they need, including a TV that tucks away when not in use.
“It's pretty much where we do most of our living,” says homeowner Anne Quesnel. It's their go-to spot to watch TV or hang out in front of the fireplace. It's also where Quesnel holds her book club, where games are played when the family is over and where they entertain guests. Not only does the family room address their everyday needs, but it also fits in perfectly with the rest of the house and the surrounding property, she says. “I don't think I could be happier with it.”

Style goal
A cosy hangout space that also provides a seating area when entertaining.

Designers: Jean Bisnaire owner and senior designer,
Jordana Eisen, junior designer, Niche Decor
Paint colour: Farrow & Ball Off-White
Wallpaper: Farrow & Ball Tented Stripes
Furnishings and accessories: Niche Decor
(both custom and from the showroom)


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