Flappers and Gangsters - 4th Annual Over the Rainbow Gala
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Flappers and gangsters gathered at Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club for the 4th annual Over the Rainbow Gala on April 25. The night featured an 1920s murder mystery theme, raising money for Rainbows For All Children - is an international not-for-profit organization committed to helping children and teens grieve and grow after loss.

  1. Laurey Fawcett and Stephanie Duprey­­­
  2. Julie and Steve Volkmann
  3. Candace Banks, Mitch Minhinnick, Zach Bertucca and Curtis Minhinnick
  4. Gord and Sharon Boyle with event sponsor Egress Systems
  5. David and Evelyn Pollock with Karen and Chris Connolly
  6. Brenda Reid and Rachael Porto
  7. Betsy and David Waterson
  8. Judy and Brian Westgarth
  9. Derek and Barb Rafuse Event organizers Nadia McIlveen, Kimberly Thomson, Jackie Ramler (host) and Brenda Cockburn
  10. Rachael Porto, Jackie Ramler and Laura Hemsworth
  11. Debi Mackay, Anne Pyzer and
  12. Renee Galloway
  13. Su and Bob Cook
  14. Heather Mallard Houle and Gary Houle
  15. Tony Telford and Cathleen McRob
  16. John and Lisa Bell with special guest Dorothy
  17. Sarah Taylor
  18. Peter Panagakis and Charlene McDonald with event sponsor
    Barrie Ford
  19. David and Clowie Rolfe with event sponsor Barrie Chrysler
  20. Jim and Harriette Thompson event sponsor Barrie Chrysler
  21. Robert and Janet Elrick with event sponsor Barrie Ford
  22. Event sponsors Galbraith Family Law (left) and Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club (right)


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