Portfolio: Eric Alper, Music Enthusiast, Industry Insider, Social Media Guru
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In addition to his role as media relations and label acquisitions at Entertainment One, proud York Region resident Eric Alper is a radio talk show host, music correspondent for Bell Media and social media guru.
Despite his many roles, one thing that has been a consistent part of his life and career is his love and appreciation for music.
Alper explains his passion dates back to childhood, when he would spend hours upon hours going through his grandfather's record collection.
“I knew I had no musical talent what so ever, I still don't,” he says.. “But I knew that I was fascinated with music and the music industry and how it all works and all the different pieces.
“I was in one band in my entire life and we were awful,” he adds with a chuckle. “So I knew that if I wanted to be involved in the music industry, I had to take another route.”
Growing up in the 1980s in Thornhill, young Eric found ways to stay connected to his passion, one of them was through a part-time job while in high school.
“At that time the Promenade Mall was just built and I got a job working at Music World for a number of years,” he recalls. “Working there just confirmed my fascination for music.”
Alper's infatuation remained consistent throughout his university years. Shortly after graduating from York University in 1993, he partnered with one of his friends to establish a public relations company called Slap Happy records. Alper has been immersed in the music industry ever since.
Over the years, he has handled public relations assignments for some of the industry's biggest names, including Ray Charles, Barry Manilow and Snoop Dogg to name just a few.
Today, the married father of one juggles his role at Entertainment One with covering events such as the Juno Awards and the MuchMusic Video Awards as a music correspondent for Bell Media and hosting a segment on Sirius XM Radio that provides insights into the music industry.
“People usually wonder how do I have the time to do everything, but I love everything I'm doing, so I find ways to make the time,” says Alper, who now lives in Richmond Hill.
Someone who can speak first-hand about Alper's passion is his long-time friend and singer-songwriter, Andy Kim.
“Eric comes from a place that loves what he does. He loves music, he loves the arts, he understands the hard work that it takes for anyone to create anything,” says Kim, whose single Rock Me Gently reached Number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1974.
“When I first met Eric and talked to him, I could tell that he was from the generation that cared for artists and he understood the fabric of music.”
Kim also notes Alper's special talents for connecting with industry insiders and music fans through social media—which have earned him the recognition and honour of being named by Billboard magazine and the National Post as “Best on Twitter.”
“It's about talent, like it is for a visual artist or a recording artist. It's his personal view of how to create what he sees in front of him. It's the way he looks at life. That's what draws people to him,” says Kim of Alper, who has over half a million followers on Twitter.
“Somebody told my mother that I have 500,000 followers on Twitter and she called me thinking that I was the leader of a cult,” Alper jokes.
“It's a strange thing because Facebook, Twitter, Instagram have allowed people like me, with all of these fun facts in their heads and who actively read a lot, to have an outlet to share this stuff.” 
While his work provides him with an insider's perspective into some of the most notable musicians from around the world, Alper points out that living in York Region for most of his life has given him with a front row seat to the region's tremendous growth and development in terms of arts, culture and infrastructure.
“For people my age, we really got to see how York Region has developed and it's just amazing to see the development of the Flato Markham Theatre and the Richmond Hill Centre for the Arts and the City Playhouse,” he says. “It just shows me the passion for the arts and it shows how much the residents of York Region want to support music and the arts. I believe all of that is tied to the economic growth and development in the region.
“And no matter where I go around the world, what assignments I'm on, or who I meet, I'm proud to call York Region home,” he adds. “That's because it provides everything that we need in terms of shopping, restaurants and venues to enjoy and appreciate great music.”

Top three albums of all time:
My Bloody Valentine, Loveless;  Talk Talk, Spirit Of Eden; Sasha and Digweed, Northern Exposure

Favourite GTA live music venue:
Horseshoe Tavern. I've never, ever had a bad
night there.

Music recommendation:
Secret Broadcast. Intense, guitar-driven melodic rock band whose members write accessible songs that matter, topically universal songs that make you think, feel and move.

Favourite childhood musician:
Phil Collins


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