Taste The World 2014
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Hundreds turned out for the Kempenfelt Rotary Club's annual Taste The World Event May 24 at Napoleon Home Comfort. The event included international culinary stations with creations from local chefs and restaurants, live and silent auctions,  entertainment, a luxury lounge presented by Georgian BMW and Mini, National Bank's Italian Patio and an OLG tent featuring the Taylor Brothers.

 1. Penny O'Neill and Mat Van Riel
 2. Barb Caicco, Ann Bowes, Marg Kinsella, Nikki Latour and Kathryn Hunt
 3. Merrisa Bragg, Derek Samson, Alyssa Hendy and Chris Bromley
 4. David Cote, Ericka Brouwer and Marci Vine
 5. Mhairi Morriss, Becky Lennerton and Brooke DeBoard
 6. Suzanne Mikler, John Eaton and Lorraine Leslie
 7. Suzanne Briggs and Cheryl Buckle
 8. Melanie Barrett, Maryellen Loughran and Sarah Jones
 9. Amanda and Brad Ariss
10. Scott Brumwell and Stella Gan
11. Patrice Shennette and Kristie Haist
12. Clancy and Gloria Morris with Sheila and David Collins
13. Carson Schafer and Catherine Collings
14. Mary Jane Paterson and Yvonne Rozario
15. Mandi and Howie Nichol
16. Doug Hamm and Bev Rankin
17. Mike Graham, Jamie Parron, John Grinton and Charlene Myke
18. Rita and Dan Doie
19. Wendy McKinnon and Brenda MacKenzie
20. Angelika Crisp and Ted Boardman
21. Dave and Joan Williams


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