Annual Rainbows Canada Gala
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The 3rd-Annual Rainbows Canada Gala, held May 3 at Tangle Creek, was a major success with over 150 guests and a great response from the community. This year, Mysteriously Yours presented a hilarious whodunit mystery of Uptown Abbey.
All proceeds went to Rainbows Canada.

 1. Esther and Bill Best
 2. Ali Simpson, Genna Simpson and Darryl Simpson
 3. Birgitte Solem as Lady Abby Upton and David Huband as Lord Upton
 4. Carissa and Rob Mininni
 5. Chris Getty and Wendy Johnston
 6 .Christopher MacDory and Destiny Bereton
 7.  Donna Brennan, Sandra Lawrence, Christina Joy and Elizabeth Morley
 8. Fran and Doug Brown, Jennifer Brown, Alf Redmann and Ray and Joanne Imbeau
 9. Frank and Rhonda Hutcheson and Sylvia and Gordon Munroe
10. Jackie Ramler and Kimberly Thomson
11. Judith Westgarth-Taylor
      and Brian Westgarth
12. Karen Scott, Dianne and Richard Seguin and Nicole and Brian Galbraith
13. Lauren Howlels and Dennis Doerin
14. Nadia and Rich Edmonds
15.  Ray, Debbie and Sarah Ouellet
16. Rob and Pat Beacocle
17. Roy Ayranto and John Cocburn
18. Steve Cockburn and Brent Lee
19. Susan Q. Wilson as Count Violet and Ian Ronningen as Carson the Butler
20. Susie and Shawn Parker
21. Thelma Cockburn; Carol Berteram Patter, Eleanore Honey and Mary-Jane Curtis
22. Zonja Beueoucher and Nixk Hereygers


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