Paul Larch
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Larche Communications operates two local radio stations 104.1 The Dock and KICX 106
plus stations in Owen Sound and Sudbury. As its president, Paul Larche has used that reach into the community as a platform for on-going fundraising campaigns, including Radio for Radiology and Kicx for Kids, and extensive community involvement. He took a few moments from his busy life to discuss his start in broadcasting and where his strong belief in philanthropy originated.

1.The Rock
The centre of my universe is my family. My wife, Lawrene, and I have five kids that range in age 10 to 30, so we have a lot of different balls in the air. All but one are still living at home and we enjoy each other's company and have a lot of fun together. That's really what keeps me grounded.
2. The Work
My work is probably the second biggest thing in my life. It gets me out of bed every morning and I can't believe how fast some days go by. I started in broadcasting at age 15 and have always loved it. I have surrounded myself with like-minded people who have a good attitude and a passion to be the best at what they do.  We also have a lot of fun, which I believe is critical for a successful work environment.
3. The Source
My passion for broadcasting comes from my love of music. I play guitar and still have a small recording studio in my basement. I have a collection of 15 guitars, electric and acoustic, and I still like to putz around with friends. I like all kinds: rock, country and jazz so radio was a natural fit for me. My preference is for classic rock from the 70's that I grew up with, particularly the Eagles. I play for the fun of it and for anyone who will listen.
4. The Difference
I get a lot of joy out of making a difference (through fundraising campaigns at the radio station). It's part of the culture of the company and part of my culture. My father, John Larche, was a role model for me and taught me about setting goals and working hard. He enjoyed giving back and I wanted to experience that for myself. There are different types of happiness and one of the most profound and long lasting is if you feel that you're helping other people.
5. The Downtime
For my downtime we have a cottage on Gloucester Pool. It's all season and I always can't wait to get there. As soon as you arrive your stress level drops. We fish, water ski and enjoy the water. I enjoy fishing but I'm not that good at it. It's like golf, to which I don't have a lot of time to dedicate.
6. The Passion
Photography is one of my passions. I have been involved in photography since high school and enjoy the whole process of not just taking the picture, but developing it and seeing  the vision come to reality. It is also somewhere I can go to get my head out of everything else. I do mainly landscape and portrait and I'm a big fan of Ansel Adams. I recently attended a workshop by Greg Gorman in California, which was like a fantasy camp for me.
7. The Sanity
I've always exercised at least three times a week and find it very therapeutic. We have an in-house gym and I used to do more running, but right now I'm into road biking. I like to go out late in the day, around 6 or 7 p.m., when the traffic calms down.
8. The Bigger Picture
One of my interests is I study cosmological theories and physic and how the universe came to be. It is constantly evolving and always changing and there's been a lot of amazing discoveries lately. We still don't know so much. My favourites are probably Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time and Brian Green.


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