Dr. Herman van den Berg
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Currently living in Barrie, he's been a nuclear operator, a banker,  university professor, worked at an environmental services firm and has been a trustee on two school boards.
Add to that a BBA from Wilfred Laurier, an M.B.A. from York University and a Ph.D. from the University of Toronto and it leaves one a little breathless.
But for van den Berg, who is the acting dean at Lakehead University in Orillia, there is always more to do. He shared a few of the things that have kept him constantly moving forward.

1. The Fuel
I drink 6-8 cups of coffee a day. I really like
Starbucks bold and have one in the morning before work. I normally have two cups before I get in the shower.
2. The Source
Sometimes I think we're extensions of the Internet rather than the other way around. I like the real-time news and the accessibility of information. For research it's great. One browser I use just for Google Scholar.

3. The Thinker
I've always loved ideas and have always been curious. In my new position [as acting dean] it's a whole side of the university I'm still
unfamiliar with. I'm not afraid to ask questions. There's a certain amount of self-confidence in admitting that you don't know.

4. The Navigator
Before I went over to administration (which we call the dark side in academia) I ran my own calendar. Now it's run for me by my executive assistant. It works very well. I'm going to miss that [when no longer acting dean.]

5. The Education
The best thing about education is that it opens up your mind to possibilities you never dreamed of. That's where I get pleasure in teaching: watching a student when all of a
sudden [an idea or concept] clicks.

6. The Soundtrack
I like popular music because it changes all the time. And I like music videos especially ones with humour in them. I like the early Pink videos plus the Train video with David Hasselhoff.

7. The Humour
One of my favourite movies is Fargo because it's black and it's humorous. I also like Big Trouble. There're a lot of big names in it and you have to really pay attention to get all the jokes.

8. The Rolling Stone
I'm not interested in retirement. I'm restless. When I go to a cottage, after two days I'm ready to travel. And I don't really have a
favourite place. It's either the place I'm in or the one I'm going to next. I like to change paths because I like to seek new things.


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