Col. Tammy Harris
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<h2>Col. Tammy Harris</h2>
The firs female commander of a Canadian Forces Bases.

Col. Tammy Harris

The firs female commander of a Canadian Forces Bases.
The first female commander of a Canadian Forces Base, Col. Tammy Harris at Base Borden, faces demands most of us can't even imagine. She's moved around frequently during her 25-year military career and has learned a few things along the way to prepare her for this demanding job.

1. Being Challenged
I spent a large part of my career doing air traffic control. There is no higher adrenaline rush than being in a nasty recovery and bringing everyone home safely. You have to like that kind of environment because your adrenaline is high all the time. I don't ever see myself in a job that doesn't have its challenges. I like slaying the dragon.
2. Being Connected
The first thing I do when I wake up every morning is to see if my husband (Brig.-Gen Shane Brennan) has texted me, if not I text him. And the last thing I do before I go to bed is talk to him and we tell each other we love each other because we're apart. That is the biggest perk of my day. I'd be lying if I said differently.
3. Being Fit
Something I just started that I quite like is running the stairs in my condo building: 17 floors, two flights, which is great exercise. I just recently added my flak vest which is an extra 20 pounds – just for fun. I have great memories from playing basketball in high school but since I severed my achilles tendon I don't play anymore.

4. Being Satisfied
I love Hickory Sticks. If I was down east, it would be roast chicken potato chips which are something we keep hidden from Upper Canada, as my Nana would say (since you can't get them in Ontario). When I was in Afghanistan, my mother would send me hickory sticks and I thought Christmas had come early.
5. Being Inspired
My biggest heroes growing up would be my mom, her sisters and my Nana. They were strong female role models who worked hard and tried to find laughter in every situation. They worked together as a team and could pick you up just by being in the room. I think it's an amazing quality to either possess or to emulate.
6. Being Funny
I like to hear people laugh. And there are a lot of funny things out there. There have been times in my life when, working as a team, it was humour that really got us through the day.
7. Being Reminded
My wedding ring is important to me. We had them specially engraved shortly before we were deployed to Afghanistan. That was the only possession we took.
8. Being Present
I probably value five minutes differently than other people value five minutes. (Because my husband and I are apart so much) it is about how we appreciate the time we have. Whether walking or talking or reading the paper, that kind of interaction we value differently than people who are together all the time. 

9. Being Entertained
Our favourite family movies are Zoolander and The Sound of Music. Zoolander only because my husband and stepdaughters all like to practice their blue steel look and I have a great time laughing at them and watching them laugh at the movie. And The Sound of Music because everyone thinks they can sing.


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