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1. For Stability – One of the best ways to get healthy in the winter is simply to get outside. The Yaktrax Run provides traction for running on snow and ice, taking the risk out of icy sidewalks and trails.
$44.99 at The Running Room.

2. For Detox – Thisilyn Cleanse from Nature's Way is a 15-day, three-phase program for whole body detox, six fibre blend and herbal digestive sweep. $28.99 at Nature's Best.

3. For Beauty – Beautiful is a type 3 collagen source from the tilapia fish scale and has plenty of anti-aging benefits of hair, skin and nails. $45 at Skinsational.

4. For Nutrition – Getting your veggies doesn't get much easier with Schinoussa Sea Vegetables. One teaspoon equals 10 servings of nutritional value from fruits and vegetables. $55 at Skinsational.

5. For Getting Started – Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start. These books from John Stanton, Founder of the Running Room, offer guidance for the beginning walker to the seasoned veteran runner. $24 each at The Running Room.

6. For Being Seen – With much of our free time relegated to darkness in the winter months, this completely reflective jacket from The Running Room makes you visible to traffic at even the darkest times. $249.99 at The Running Room.

7. For Getting Out – These walking shoes from Asics are designed for the winter elements. Gortex uppers make them completely waterproof and they feature a more aggressive outsole for traction.
$169.99 at The Running Room.


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