Jamie Massie
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There are few people in Barrie who don't recognize the name Jamie Massie. Whether it's through running Georgian International, as the former owner of the Barrie Colts, or the innumerable philanthropic organizations and causes in which he is involved. The winner of a Golden Jubilee award, among others, Massie is on the move but manages to keep it all in perspective by keeping his feet firmly planted on the ground. He was kind enough to share a few of his anchors.

1. A Good Compass
My favourite book which I think helped me in my life is Compassionate Capitalism by Richard DeVos. It's about taking capitalism and hard work, and combining it with a moral balance for people and the planet. It essentially asks how do I take what I'm good at and make it better for other people.
2. Good Guidance
My dad was truly my hero. I always said he was the president of the Jamie Massie Fan Club. He was demanding of me but if anyone ever said anything bad about me, he was all over them. I talked with him every day. Between my dad and Richard [DeVos], they had a huge influence on my life.

3. Good Memories
After all the years of owning a junior
hockey team there are lots of great hockey memories; the best memory for me is my four kids
playing hockey outside on our backyard rink. It's
snowing outside, the lights are on, it's 10 o'clock at night and there were five NHL first round draft picks on the ice with my four kids. And they're all shovelling snow.
4. A Good Getaway
We have a home on Georgian Bay on an island near Pointe au Baril and that's my downtime. I want to be there. We bought the original cottage in 1989 and then bought the cottage next door and the land beside it. In a way we tricked the kids. They all want to spend as much time as possible up there and we want to be there with them.
5. A Good Job
I'm passionate about my business and working with people who are of similar mind and are my friends. Since the beginning, we've always pursued our passions through the business. (When I used to leave for work) Wendy, my wife, used to tell my kids, “Dad's gonna go play in his tree fort with his friends.”
6. A Good Start
I went to Timmy's this morning. They're my best friends and are right across the road from my office. Never miss it. Large black, double cup. It's how I get my day started.
7. Good Travel
I love Europe but probably my favourite
European country is England between London and the north of Scotland. We joined the Carnegie Golf Club at Skibo castle and were members for four to five years. Problem was I never got back to play golf.
8. A Good Tradition
My favourite movie is a corny one, It's a Wonderful Life. We've always wrapped
Christmas presents watching that movie. We live in a big old house like he did and I can
remember it from before I was married.


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