Rachel Evans
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As a mother, teacher and artist there are many things for Rachel Evans to balance and consider. An art teacher at Banting Memorial High School in Alliston, she takes pride in her job while also honing her own creativity and spending time with her family. By blending her passions she inspires students to open up through
their artwork.

What is your preferred
medium of expression?
For me oil paint, but I'm drawing, I'm always drawing. Drawing is a preparatory tool but also I do it just to keep my hand at it. Because I teach, I have to teach different media to different grades. I am always doing something with other media, which is kind of like playing around as opposed to something that's more serious for myself. I enjoy doing that too.
What is the most important thing a person can learn from art education?
It's hard to narrow it down, it's very broad and I think it means different things to different people but certainly creative thinking and critical thinking is a big part of what students go through. On the other hand, depending on the approach we are taking, I think the commitment to the media and seeing a project through is a big skill, particularly in this day and age where our attention tend to get diverted very easily.

As a mother, teacher and an artist how do you find balance and time to create?
My kids are getting older so I have more time for myself than when they were younger. I'd love to be able to paint more but there are only so many hours in a day and so much energy you have, so I find the time to do what I want to do. When I am retired or when my kids have their own lives outside of our house I will probably approach it in a different manner but I find a nice balance right now. I can't imagine teaching art and not making art, I just couldn't do that I don't think it would be fair to anybody. I feel I do enough to support teaching and that's where I am at right now to keep me interested and to keep a skill level up. You have to have a basic skill level in order to do what you are doing, it's a little bit like riding a bike, if you stop for a little while you will get really rusty.

Your husband is also an active artist in the area what is the dynamic like having two artists in the household?
You'd probably have to ask my kids [laughs]. It's good, we bounce a lot of ideas off each other and he's also a teacher, he's an art teacher at Georgian College. We are constantly talking about art and exchanging viewpoints on other people's art and approaches to teaching art and assignments. We've borrowed assignments off of each other and traded them around a little bit because he's obviously teaching a different level. It's great, it opens up another world of people in the art community that I can talk to and draw from for teaching. 


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