Larry Law
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With the recent groundbreaking ceremony for Phase 2 of Cranberry Resort's Waterfront Suites - an ambitious multi-million dollar hotel/condominium complex that will include an onsite jogging trail, spa, indoor pool with waterslide, fitness centre, rock climbing surface, arcade zone and lounge bar - all for the purpose of bringing families together, we asked owner Larry Law to reflect on his 20 years in Collingwood and how one of the largest recreational residential developments came to be.

GLGB:  Tell us a bit about your family history and your roots?
I was born in China and raised in Hong Kong in a big family of eight children.  I attribute my positive energy and optimistic outlook to my parents, whose generosity and entrepreneurial spirit had a great impact on me, especially as a businessman.  

GLGB:  What is your best Collingwood memory?
My fondest memory of Collingwood goes back to the summer in 1993 when I came here on a daytrip with family. We drove north from Toronto, where we lived, for just under two hours, settling along the calm Georgian Bay waters minutes outside of downtown Collingwood. The day was spent amongst nature, lying by the bay out in the sun and hiking through verdant summer woods. It wasn't until after returning home when I noticed something special: the bright smiles on my kids' faces. I saw their faces and I remembered Collingwood - a place that brought our family together.

GLGB:  What was your vision when you bought Cranberry Resort?
 When I first bought the resort, as a developer, my main goal at the time was to develop quaint and comfortable resort properties for vacationers, retirees or second-home owners. While this is still one of our goals, since 2006 my wife has inspired me to create a fun and caring community in our resort, not only for our guests, but also for our staff members and the local community.  We believe in not only building solid infrastructure, but also providing a pleasant environment for anyone to connect and grow.  
Ever since that excursion 20 years ago, Collingwood has been my life. I've always cherished the area in part for bringing my family closer together.
It's been my mission to create a platform for extending this sentiment to others. I want to bestow the local community with a legacy of caring, enjoyment and lasting memories amongst family and friends.
But it's not just about a new development, it's about creating a platform to make a positive difference for others. The development will also create new jobs within the community and help bolster the area's tourism, conference and wedding business.
I can't help but wonder about today's families and how they are connecting amidst all the new forms of Internet communication and electronic distractions. With this in mind, it's my hope to continue to build on the sharing and fun community values amongst the natural setting of Collingwood where families can truly relax and reconnect.

GLGB:  What is important to you?
 Family has always been a priority in my life; it takes precedence over my business. Also, since my conversion as a Christian in early 2000s, I went through a spiritual growth, and faith has become an integral part of my life - which is my source of wisdom, hope and peace whether I am at home, at work, in church, in my community involvement, or in my social life.  
As I look back on what first drew me to Collingwood in that summer of 1993, I realize that it's the simple pleasures and moments in life that matter most. After 20 years, what have I amassed? I have the memories of the good times with my family. This is what matters most to me. And more and more nowadays, I am hearing similar stories from guests who share that same realization.

GLGB:  What's your favourite movie?
 One of my favourite movies is “The Sound of Music” because it is a timeless film that I have watched numerous times with my family and is pleasant and calming despite having such a hectic schedule.

GLGB:  You operate one of the largest recreational facilities in the area, what do you do for fun?
 While I'm fortunate to own a business surrounded by beautiful nature and landscapes, I do enjoy taking some time off from work to travel abroad with my family and my children.  Every year about a third of our overseas travel has to do short-term mission work in developing countries; and the remaining two thirds are for relaxation, sightseeing, and of course enjoying local cuisine, fine dining and wine.


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